Charting Asia’s Protein Journey

Higher urbanisation rates and growing wealth in emerging Asian countries are expected to drive demand for meat and seafood in Asia. However, the unconstrained growth in consumption of meat and seafood will have significant negative environmental and social consequences. This report models demand growth for three critical environmental factors under a business-as-usual scenario; land and […]

Asia’s Protein Dreams

With higher urbanisation rates and rising wealth, Asia will see fast growth in meat and seafood consumption. This presents an attractive investment opportunity, but it comes with significant environmental and social risks that threaten to derail returns. This report evaluates the exposure of the top 10 major food producers in Asia to these risks and […]

Climate Costs for Asia Pacific Ports

The report sets out cost projections for elevating ports in Asia Pacific to withstand climate change risks from rising sea levels and greater storm intensity. It finds costs between US$31 billion and US$ 49 billion for elevating 53 of the region’s largest ports. The report aims to bring about discussion on how to manage physical […]

Asia Pacific Land Use Forum 2017 Report

The Asia Pacific Land Use Forum (APLUF) was conceived by Credit Suisse to explore potential collaboration opportunities to scale land use planning and management solutions. The inaugural APLUF was held in Bangkok, Thailand on 23 November 2017. APLUF17 brought together representatives from local and international NGOs, research and development agencies, and regional banks and investors […]

Empty Nets: Overfishing Risks

The world’s fishing stocks are depleting, but does this environmental crisis play out in the financial world? We identified 228 companies listed on the world’s stock markets with exposure to seafood production. This instigated the process of linking overfishing with companies’ revenue exposure and explored how they manage key risks, such as overfishing. Download Report […]

Factory Farming in Asia

Investors in Asia view animal protein consumption as an indicator of rising middle-class incomes across the region. Asian meat, egg, fish and dairy industries face a range of poorly managed sustainability risks that could derail returns. This report aims to help investors to understand the risks, and suggests questions that investors can use to assess […]

Seafood Sourcing Risks

This briefing for investors and companies sets out the major categories of seafood sustainability risks. It presents the results of a disclosure review of the steps that leading retailers and hotels from Asia-Pacific, the EU, and North America are taking to address them. The review finds a mixed policy response from Asia-Pacific retailers and hotels. […]

Time Out: Coal Capex in China

In 2016, seven leading Chinese power companies planned to spend an estimated CNY 238 billion on 89 coal power plants to drive China’s economy forward. Will these plants be able to make decent returns as China takes a driving seat in the Paris Accord? Published by ARE (2016) Download Report Here

CG Watch 2016

ACGA’s eighth CG Watch survey in collaboration with CLSA and the first to include Australia. If there is a single message for this survey, it is that the ecosystem of corporate governance in any market is not just important, it is the differentiating factor between long-term system success and failure. In various ways the previous […]

Investing for the Climate in Asia

Are “green finance” and climate change gaining traction in the Asian financial sector? We reviewed the practices of 88 leading financial institutions across Asia-Pacific to find out. We discovered growing momentum: 28% of banks and 30% of investors have incorporated climate change into their respective policies. Commissioned by AIGCC with support from ANZ (2016) Download […]