Blended Finance Can Help Asia’s Clean Energy Transition Gather Pace

By Peter Kiernan Southeast Asia offers abundant opportunities for commercial financiers to participate in development-related investments to support the net zero goals of emerging economies in the region. A significant share of coal-fired power assets in the region have been built only recently, meaning that they are likely to be able to meet power needs […]

Southeast Asia’s Energy Transition Rethinking Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

Southeast Asia’s energy transition takes centre stage as a new report by Asia Research & Engagement (ARE) unveils the comprehensive carbon impact of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The report uncovers critical discrepancies between LNG’s perceived environmental benefits and actual impact while highlighting pathways for positive change.

Foot on the Gas: Southeast Asia needs to pump the brakes on LNG

Southeast Asia should reconsider its growing reliance on liquefied natural gas (LNG) as it transitions from coal to renewables. Recent research reveals that despite being considered a cleaner alternative, LNG’s upstream emissions, comprising almost two-thirds of its total emissions, bring its overall carbon foot print close to, and potentially exceeding, that of coal. Thorough reviews […]

Financing Singapore’s Hydrogen Future

Singapore’s National Hydrogen Strategy appears to be meticulously conceived and well- situated within Singapore’s decarbonisation plans. Policy support will make hydrogen- related projects more bankable. However, financiers will still need to sort the wheat from the chaff.  “Low-carbon” or “clean” hydrogen definitions may not align with a credible net-zero pathway if fossil fuels are still […]

Charting Asia’s Protein Transition

Discover the urgent need for Asia to transition its protein production and consumption in line with climate goals. Uncover key findings: by 2030, animal protein must decline for alternatives, and by 2060, most countries should have over 30-90% alternative protein production. Dedicated funding from the Asian food industry, investors, and banks is crucial. The report […]

Banking on Transition Technologies: Beware of Lock-In Traps

Recent guidelines on transition technologies for Asia have been influenced by Japanese energy policies, which validate and promote CCUS and ammonia co-firing in the Power sector. These guidelines may be inappropriate for countries in Southeast Asia where the circumstances differ from Japan and investing in renewable power is viable. Banks seeking to achieve net-zero goals […]

Asia Supermarket Scorecard: Thailand’s Retailers Tap on Asia’s Push for Responsible Protein

Supermarkets and other grocers in Asia are tapping shoppers’ growing taste for humanely sourced meat and eggs, and plant-based proteins 1. Asia’s increasingly affluent, urbanised population increasingly demands protein that is not only healthier, but also more environmentally sustainable and ethically farmed. 2. Producers have responded to evolving consumer tastes by marketing more responsible products, […]